Friday, October 28, 2016

Samsung Announces Galaxy S7 Edge in Coral Blue

11:00:00 PM

Samsung Announces Galaxy S7 Edge in Coral Blue

When Galaxy S7 Edge released, after few week we saw few leaked glimpses of Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge devices after it was rumored Samsung would bring the color to its S7 Edge series due to the bomb (oops!). I mean Galaxy Note 7. Blue Coral was one of the most popular colors of that device, so it’s not surprising to see Samsung doing it again for their next best smartphone. 

Here are some official press images that Samsung has released, showcasing the phone. Honestly, this color looks amazing. Samsung Taiwan has confirmed the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge will be released on November 1st in the country, while Samsung Singapore confirmed it’ll be available starting November 5th.

There is still no confirmation about the other countries, but expect it to happen soon as Samsung is going all out on the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge because of their only hi-end smartphone in the game right now.

What do you think of the S7 Edge in this color? Will you be getting one or waiting to see what the Galaxy S8 holds in store for us in February?

Source : Samsung

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Google Allo Gets ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Pack

10:47:00 PM

Google Allo Gets ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Pack

Halloween is right around the corner and Google never misses any opportunity to be on the trend. Today, Google’s Allo app has a new sticker pack for us. The pack, which many will likely appreciate, is inspired by the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. 

If you are not aware of this show, then you should try it. This is an Sci-Fi show takes place in the 80s, with the “upside down,” a little supernatural girl named Eleven, and one of the best soundtracks ever put inside of a television series.

Anyway, the sticker pack for Allo features all of your favorite characters, as well as phrases from the show that might fit inside of a real conversation you might be having in everyday life.

It's got a couple dozen chat-oriented stickers based on the show including not one, not two, but three Barb stickers. There's also the monster in full face-flower mode and some impressive 80s hair.

To use the Stranger Things sticker pack, go make sure you have the latest version of Allo installed, find at least one other person in the world that uses Allo, then have at it.

Source : Google

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Google's Pixel Tip Video Shows Some Play Store UI Changes On The Way

1:26:00 PM

Google's Pixel Tip Video Shows Some Play Store UI Changes On The Way

Recently, Google posted two new videos of Pixel Phones showing newbies how to get started with their phones. And they slipped a new Play Store, with some UI changes.
Take a peek at this Pixel Tips support video. Around the 1:40 mark the demonstrator opens the Play Store, and it's immediately clear that it's not the same one we have right now.

The changes are minimal and basically show a color change to the main screen with less clutter, along with revamped individual app pages that are also cleaner and no more carousel top banners.

Above : New / Below : Old

Note that the "Install" button now spans nearly the entire width of the screen, and category information and the "similar" button are gone to focus on the review score and number of downloads. Everything gets a slightly more minty shade of green, too.

Also if you noticed, the play store in the GIF or the images we attaches has something new in it. Here :
This is basically dogfooding (Google's insider builds) which shows that this app is not for consumers yet. The dogfood icon updated as well, usually it is just a paw.

Let's see when Google releases this update, stay tuned with us!

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Google Published Two Videos To Get You Started For the Pixel Phones, Helps You Ditch an iPhone

1:09:00 PM

Google Published Two Videos To Get You Started For the Pixel Phones, Helps You Ditch an iPhone

Google continues to advertise their Pixel phones and why not. Today, there are two new videos for beginners which helps newbies switch over to the Pixel from an iPhone and then get started in their brave new world through a few quick tips. 

The “Switching from iPhone” video is only 2-minutes long, but it covers the entire process. In it, Google first reminds you to turn off iMessage and Facetime on your iPhone before proceeding. It then shows you how to use the “Quick Switch Adapter” (the USB adapter in the box), how you choose which content to copy over (ex: contacts, email, messages, calendar, photos and videos, music, etc.), and finally, how long everything will take to make its way to your Pixel. It’s pretty simple.

This video is also a good tutorial for those of you picking up a Pixel and switching over from an Android phone. It’s the same process.

In the other clip, Google takes on the tips and tricks approach by showing you how to move icons around, create folders, setup a fingerprint, utilize app shortcuts, find settings, and install other apps from Google Play. It’s pretty basic stuff.

For some reason, in the video animations are toned down to a painfully slow and somewhat laggy transition, which is just about the worst reflection of the Pixel’s actually blistering performance, but it serves the purpose of making things clearer, so I guess it’ll be just fine.

Take a look at both videos yourself down below.

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[APK + Teardown] Google Allo 2.0 Updated With Quick Replies, GIF Keyboard Support, Shortcuts And More

12:54:00 PM

Today, the Mountain View company has pushed the first big update for Allo, version 2.0, which brings lots of oft-requested features. Aimed at users who are already running Android 7.0+ “Nougat.”

This changelog was posted by  Justin Uberti, the technical lead for Duo and the co-lead of Allo:

  • App shortcuts
  • Landscape mode
  • Quick Reply in Android N
  • Multi-window support in Android N
  • GIF keyboard
  • a11y mode
  • Incognito key alerts

That's it. It’s basically everything that Allo should have when it was released in the first place. 
Talking about App shortcuts, it lets you create a conversation by tapping and holding the icon from the home screen, Quick Reply lets you reply to messages from notification shade itself, multi-window allows you use the app alongside another one in Android Nougat, and a11y is a new accessibility mode.
Also Allo now enables support for sending GIFs via keyboards that support the feature, on Android 7.1 and above. As shown above, sending GIFs with Google Keyboard is very simple and works as expected. On an unrelated note, Google Assistant seems very confused about GIFs.

This update brings Android Wear support for those that are still wearing smartwatches. Just like with Google’s other messaging apps, the companion Android Wear Allo app lets you use your voice to reply or you can also reply with emojis by drawing them. It’s a pretty barebones app, but it’s nice to have either way — and it should have been there from the start.

We digged up the APK and there are some hidden features as well that haven’t shown up yet in the app. There is a new set of fun chat themes, which vary from “Pizza” to “Moon”. Interesting..

Here’s a list of strings we found in teardown evidencing the new feature:
  • <string name=”theme_picker_explanation”>Mix it up. Swipe to find a new one.
  • <string name=”theme_picker_explanation_in_new_conversation”>Swipe to find the perfect one
  • <string name=”theme_picker_header”>Change this theme
  • <string name=”theme_picker_header_in_new_conversation”>Fun chat themes
And here’s a full list of all the different themes we were able to find. There are seemingly 12 of them:
  • <string name=”angles_theme_name”>Angles
  • <string name=”aztec_theme_name”>Aztec
  • <string name=”balloon_dark_theme_name”>Balloons dark
  • <string name=”balloon_light_theme_name”>Balloons light
  • <string name=”clouds_theme_name”>Clouds
  • <string name=”doodles_theme_name”>Doodles
  • <string name=”moon_theme_name”>Moon
  • <string name=”pizza_theme_name”>Pizza
  • <string name=”sorbet_theme_name”>Sorbet
  • <string name=”sprinkles_theme_name”>Sprinkles
  • <string name=”watermelon_theme_name”>Watermelon
  • <string name=”worms_theme_name”>Worms
There’s also an option to quickly call Allo contacts via Duo in the works, but we couldn’t find a function in the app that lets you do that either:

<string name=”action_duo_call”>Call on Duo

Justin Uberti has confirmed today that this feature is indeed in the works.

The update is already rolling out in the Play Store, but if you can't wait, you can download it from APKMirror as well from below :

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Google's Helpful Tips & Tricks For Your New Pixel Phone

9:24:00 PM

If you bought a Pixel Phone recently or you're planning to get one. You might want to know all that Google’s latest and greatest phone can do then Google has provided you with a great destination. The new Tips & Tricks section of the Made By Google site gives you a few ideas of how you can get the most out of your new Pixel.

The new site provides a list of tips and tricks divided into 6 filterable categories allowing you to drill down into the nitty-gritty of the device. You can filter the topics via:

  • Google Assistant
  • Camera
  • Google Photos
  • Google Duo
  • Google Play Music and
  • Made by Google

You may have noticed that not all of those features are truly exclusive to Pixel devices, but they are still an essential part of the Google Android experience, so we’ll let them get away with that just this once! Inside each category, you are given a set of hint cards that let you find out more about those specific features.

Here’s an example of one of the cards:

If you’re an experienced Android user, and especially a Nexus owner there may not be a lot new here for you. However, it’s a great resource for those who may not be as familiar, if they have the patience to click through it all.

Source: Google

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Handmade "Light Bar" Sticker for Google Pixel XL

8:02:00 PM

Handmade "Light Bar" Sticker for Google Pixel XL

Someone of you find the design of Pixel Phones dull and monochromatic look to it on the back. However, an Android fan named Bill Stebbins has taken it upon himself to add some color to the phone with a set of stickers that you can now buy online.

The stickers, which are created by Stebbins and his daughter, are supposed to look like the LED “light bar” that was found on the older Pixel C and Chromebook Pixel. The light bar could let users know how much battery life was left on the device. While these stickers obviously don’t add that function, they do make the phone’s back pop out.

For $9 in the US and $10 for international orders, buyers can get two sets of stickers for the Pixel XL shipped to them. One set is for the back of the phone, and the other adds color to its Google “G” logo. Keep in mind that this is for the larger of the two Pixel phones; so far, there’s no word on when Stebbins will release these same stickers for the standard Pixel smartphone. Also, each piece is shipped “loose” so owners will have to apply each sticker piece separately.

If you are a proud owner of the Pixel XL, will you consider getting these homemade stickers to put some color on the phone?

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[APK] Google Cast App Gets Update, Becomes Google Home

2:16:00 PM

[APK] Google Cast App Gets Update, Becomes Google Home

With the introduction of the Google Home brand, the Google Cast app was said to be undergoing a name change, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. Google officially rebranded Google Cast to Google Home with new UI and minor tweaks.

As you see above, when you open up the app, you will now see two tabs on top instead of three: whereas before, you had What’s On, Devices, and Get Apps, now you simply have Watch and Discover. The search bar on top has been removed, but instead it appears as a floating action button at the bottom of the screen. It is worth noting that the color scheme has also been changed to be more “material.”

Also the icon of the app got an update too. It is a small house with all the Google colors; curiously enough, however, the new Google Home app is not circular. Given the latest Pixel UI that we saw from Google, we thought Google would have streamlined all their apps.

So, that's the end of the Google Cast app, it has come a long way. Introduced as the Chromecast app, it went through its initial rebranding when its functionality was expanded. Now with the Mountain View company’s slew of Home-branded products, it makes sense that Google wants to bring all Chromecast devices under one roof.

Once the update is available for all, you will see it pop up in Google Play. If you used the Google Cast app or have a Google Home device pre-ordered, be sure to be on the lookout for it.
If waiting isn’t your style, you can download the update via APK Mirror below :

Source : Android Police

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[APK] Google Messenger 2.0 Brings Compact UI, New Icon And More

12:41:00 PM

[APK] Google Messenger 2.0 Brings Compact UI,  New Icon And More

It seems Google focuses more on Google Messenger than Hangouts and quick to add support for the latest system features. Messenger has just been updated to version 2.0 with a new icon and redesign that matches the general look of the Phone app in Android 7.1.

Updated from version 1.9, the latest version of Messenger features the updated circular app icon seen on the Pixel Launcher even on other, non-Pixel Android devices. Additionally, the notification bar icon has also been updated to match the new one depicted in the app icon.

The top bar and FAB adopts the darker blue palette found in the updated Phone 6.0 app introduced alongside Android 7.1. The main message list is slightly denser with smaller profile icons, but is otherwise unchanged. Also there is an new setup screen which you can see on the first screenshot.

The conversation view has been slightly redesigned with rounded bubbles for each message that matches the style of Google Allo. Version 2.0 is notably more compact; displaying more lines of text due to less padding and getting rid of the profile icon next to each of your sent messages. Also we found that Messenger has a new service called Jibe, which was acquired by Google in the past for RCS integration over SMS and MMS, let's see what surprises future holds.
Additionally, text under the send icon notes whether you’re sending an SMS or an MMS.

Besides the appearance, another major change is in the ‘New message’ screen. A ‘Top contacts’ section replaces the separate tabs for ‘Frequent’ and ‘All contacts.’ Your eight most frequently messaged contacts are displayed with their profile icons for faster access when sending texts or making group conversations. Immediately underneath, all your contacts are listed alphabetically.

The update is rolling out now via the Play Store or if you want sideload the update from the APKMirror, you can do that as well from below :

Source : reddit

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[APK] WhatsApp Beta 2.16.318 Gets Video Calling Feature

11:53:00 AM

Finally, the feature of Video calling on WhatsApp is live on WhatsApp for Android. Now you can do video calling on WhatsApp and that needs the WhatsApp 2.16.318 version of the app and that is tested and confirmed on Android.

If you want to call other people make sure they have the latest app update or else you will get “We found out “Couldn’t place call. Your contact needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls.”

It is easier than you would expect. The same button in the chat page that was for calling has to be tapped and it would then let you choose one of the two options – Voice call and Video call. Choose Video call and it will activate the camera and start the video call. Unlike how it is on Google Duo, you won’t be able to see the camera feed of the caller before taking the call. Or you can just tap on the contact's image and the small popup will appear with an Video Calling icon.

You can download the APK with a trust of no harm because the app is tested before we uploaded it for sharing. Also, expect the call quality to not be exceptional already because of the rush the servers will see right now.

Source : PhoneRadar

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 7.0 Nougat Unofficially

10:13:00 PM

Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 7.0 Nougat Unofficially

Android is an powerful OS and some of the hardcore fans really like the Nexus devices, because it allows third-party developers to create officially unsupported features and functions for them. That's why we're relatively unsurprised to report that the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus, a phone that's archaic by modern standards, has just received its taste of Android 7.1 Nougat through an unofficial ROM. 

Two developers going by the handles MWisBest and Ziyan stand behind Unlegacy-Android, a project that creates custom (read: unofficial) Android ROMs for various smartphones. Their latest work is an Android 7.1 Nougat-based ROM for the Galaxy Nexus. 

According to a thread on XDA Developers, the Android 7.1 Nougat ROM works fairly stable on the Galaxy Nexus. Users report that some problems exist, most notably GPS and mobile data issues, but they don't seem to be prevalent. All critical features are apparently fully functional.

If you're new to the Android ecosystem, you don't know what the Galaxy Nexus is. If that's the case, here's a quick refresher: 

The Galaxy Nexus is a Samsung-made Nexus smartphone, the third Nexus phone that Google ever launched. It hails from all the way back in 2011 and comes with hardware specs that include a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED panel running at 720 by 1280 pixels, a TI OMAP 4460 chipset with a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of integrated storage space. The latest official Android build that Google has pushed for the phone was Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. 

If you just happen to have a Galaxy Nexus collecting dust in some drawer and you're keen to test-drive Android 7.1 Nexus, then the install instructions and be found at the source link below. Just note that you'll have to root the Galaxy Nexus before proceeding to install the custom ROM.

Source : XDA-Developers

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Pokémon Go's Halloween Event Will Brings Extra Candies And More Ghost Type Pokémon

9:56:00 PM

Pokémon Go's Halloween Event Will Brings Extra Candies And More Ghost Type Pokémon

Today, Pokémon Go scheduled what will be its first in-game event, offering players increased encounters with certain characters and more in-game Candy during Halloween week October 26 to November 1st. 

The Pokémon Go Halloween event will take place between October 26 and November 1. During the event, which will take place in all countries across the globe, trainers will also get extra candy for various in-game actions. Furthermore, the developers will boost the encounter rate for some of the spookier Pokémon.

The candy multiplier is arguably the most useful of the two event features since many trainers have probably already caught the Halloween-themed Pokémon. During the event, trainers can get up to six candies per catch, four candies for each Buddy level-up, and two candies for each Pokémon transfer. 

For the duration of the event, players will have a much better chance at crossing paths with Pokémon such as Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and yes, Zubat. Depending on where you live, the boosted encounter rate could vary from useful or superfluous. 

With Pokémon Go engagement nosediving in the past couple of months, Niantic is probably hoping to recapture the attention of the public through in-game events. While the candy multiplier is a thing that trainers will certainly appreciate, we're also hoping that future Pokémon Go events introduce more significant changes to the gameplay. Candy is sweet, but what the game really needs right now is some extra spice!

What do you guys think, will you participate in the Pokémon Go Halloween event?

Source : Niantic

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[Video] Stunning Cinematic 4K Footage Shot Entirely On Google’s Pixel

11:50:00 AM

[Video] Stunning Cinematic 4K Footage Shot Entirely On Google’s Pixel

After reading tons of  review and every other positive review about the camera of the Pixel. There’s no denying that the Pixel has so far proved to be a home run for Google. With massive marketing campaigns where the company is working hard to sell you on the idea of a phone “Made by Google”, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just an empty shell.

Google Pixel's camera is one of the best feature in the device other than software ones and boy, is it one hell of a shooter. Beyond DxO Mark scores and promotional material, in fact, the 12MP sensor on the Pixel’s back has proved to be right up there with the best of the best (yes, we’re talking Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 Plus), and at times even superior to its rivals.

Even when it doesn't support optical image stabilization, the inclusion of EIS amid a series of fine-tuning tweaks Google worked on has made it so that its rear eye is capable of taking some stunning video, even in 4K, and with its latest project filmmaker Matteo Bertoli may have just proven as much.

After having used the phone for but a few days he decided to put it through its paces and ultimately gift us with this marvellous little movie, which was shot entirely on his Pixel. There’s very little to say about the video itself: it’s beautifully shot and edited, and it shows just how much mobile photography has advanced as of late. It really is mind boggling to think that the phone in your pocket is able to do something like that, but luckily for us, this is the age we live in.

Says Bertoli:

“I bought my Google Pixel on Thursday and I decided to test the camera in the weekend. I went to Park City and Salt Lake City downtown. I was very impressed with the new Google phone. Dynamic range is good, plenty of details. The software IS is not bad at all considering is not optical. Overall the phone did very well.
For this video I used a tripod, a Rhino slider and the Shoulderpod S1 for handheld footage. I didn’t use any lenses or gimbal. I edited in FCPX and graded in DaVinci Resolve. I also used Filmic Pro and the native camera app to record the entire video.”
Enjoy the full video down below.

Source : YouTube

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